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The Stranger

A lovely morning in summer, it wa a cool and nice weather. She noticed the stranger standing a few steps far from her. Their eyes met but nobody said anything, love was there but not words. She knew that the stranger will take the same bus and he did know the same. They had the same meeting and destination points.

The bus came, they quietly got in and sit far from each other. He started a conversation with the other passengers and started to laugh acting as if he is not aware of her existence. She sit alone and heard his voice laughing. She felt in pain, how could he be so cool!? She started to cry and she knew that he will never notice her tears. Even if he did, the only thing he will do is to feel sorry for her and that is all. He will not talk, she knew.

Though the daily bus trip was not long, but sometimes it made her feel like life time. She felt everything he did, when he slept, when he woke up and even when he looked at her thinking she was not aware. For some time, they met on daily basis but without saying a word. Their eyes always met but they kept silence. One day, she knew that she will have to move and take another bus within few weeks. She knew that she might not be able to see him ever again.

The next day, she met him and looked to him more closely than each day in a hope that he will say anything. As usual, he did not. He just kept silent. The daily bus trip became shorter for her; she wished to the trip was longer to be with him, even in silence. Weeks passed quickly and she was suffering but she knew that he will not talk. Till the last time she took the bus with him, before leaving she looked at him closely and tried to control her tears. "Bye," she said to him and follow passengers. They answered her saying bye but he did not say anything. He just looked at her. She got out of the bus and froze for a minute, she started to cry and look at the bus moving away. She knew that she will not meet him again and he will not talk to her.

He is a stranger! She walked away crying for her lover who became nothing but a stranger.


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Unfound Soul

One of the most difficult times for the writers is the time when they lose their inspiration. They lose creativity, search for their muses, write many unpublished drafts, and cry in silence.

In such times, writers may try to seek an inspiring spot where they can find their lost skill. Other writers, may evoke their pain to find inspiration. Few writers may quit writing!

Quitting writing is a desperate resolution for the writers who lost their inspiration. They know that they want to avoid pain found in their writings, they seek peace, and they want to stop thinking.

Yet, it is not an easy decision to quit writing, because writers know that a part of their existence is reflected in each word they write, in each moment of pain they share with their readers, in each time they realize the meaning of life through writing, and in each moment they shed a tear!

My dear readers, it is not an easy decision to stop writing again, I stopped before for 6 or 7 years. But, my soul is no longer here, my …

لا ترحل

لا ترحل بعيدا عني 
فأنت جزء مني 
و انت الالهام لفني 
و انت لي مستقبلي و حاضري 

أنا لك طوال ما حييت 
لن اتركك مهما حييت 
فأنا بدونك جسد بلا روح 
دنيا بلا بشر
نهر بلا ماء
سماء بلا الوان
جسد بلا روح

لمسة ايديك تحييني
همساتك تحرقني
نظراتك تغمرني
بسمتك تقتلني

لكم حاولت ان اقول لك
كم من الحب اكنه لك
و لكن لا أجد كلمات توصف حبي لك
فالكلمات عاجزة امام عينيك

و حاولت جاهدة عن سري ان ابوح
و لكن حبيبي ان تدرك ما في الروح
فاتساقط في خضوع
في احضانك كل شيء يزول
و لا يبقي شيئا الا حبك في الروح

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