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Beyond Eternity

Let me love you till
The world ends
The oceans r dry
There's no sky

Let me hug you till
The heaven meets the land
The air vanishes to the sky
There is nobody else but us

Let me feel you till
They end the world with their wars
They lose their humanity
They meet their destiny of failure

Nothing will take us apart
Death will end our bodies
But never our souls will die
You know I never lie

I promise a love without end
I promise heaven and hell
I promise two bodies to be one

The theory of religion will fall
The heaven will be on floor
The angels and demons will fall
But my love to you will survive all

Our touches will light the world
Our sighs will be warmth
Our heartbeats will be music
And this is our little secret to keep

We created our own world
Without faking anything
Without hypocrisy and lies
With only us!

The Stranger

A lovely morning in summer, it wa a cool and nice weather. She noticed the stranger standing a few steps far from her. Their eyes met but nobody said anything, love was there but not words. She knew that the stranger will take the same bus and he did know the same. They had the same meeting and destination points.

The bus came, they quietly got in and sit far from each other. He started a conversation with the other passengers and started to laugh acting as if he is not aware of her existence. She sit alone and heard his voice laughing. She felt in pain, how could he be so cool!? She started to cry and she knew that he will never notice her tears. Even if he did, the only thing he will do is to feel sorry for her and that is all. He will not talk, she knew.

Though the daily bus trip was not long, but sometimes it made her feel like life time. She felt everything he did, when he slept, when he woke up and even when he looked at her thinking she was not aware. For some time, they met o…


I feel lost and I cannot determine my way anymore. First time for me to fight but I am unable to win. You have no idea what is going on and you keep fighting and trying but at the end, you find it useless to fight! 

You fall and fall into the endless black hole where everything is dark and you cannot see anything. You scream for help but there is nothing...even an echo is too much to ask. You are alone in the darkness with your enemy.

This fight might be my last because my enemy is stronger...I know my weaknesses and so does my enemy. So, she keeps hurting me endlessly and she gains strength while I fall! Nowhere to hide, it is just me and her! 

She keeps saying there is no hope and I have to leave. I do not want to let her in control because I know how evil she is. But, the more I get hurt from her and people around, the weaker I get and the stronger she gets. 

Is it ok to give up and let her punishes everyone who hurts me?! Is it ok to forget about the light and stay in darkness? Is it …

The Clown is no longer Happy

"It is show time," said the circus manager in a very loud voice so that all of the performers will hear him. "Where is the clown?" again he shouted. A fragile colorful figure approached the circus manager and said: "I am here." "Cheer up, asshole!" Said the manager angrily when he heard the sad voice of the clown. The clown smiled from ear to ear and answered "Sure, Sir!"

He entered the vast area where hundreds of people were waiting for him to show up. The started to clap and cheer once they saw him. Lights were spotting him moving a funny way throwing colorful balloons that spread all over the audience. He started to run all over the place and jump in a funny way. Kids started to laugh and clap as the apparently cheerful clown made his funny moves. He kept acting happily for an hour and his audience were deceived by his appearance but nobody really cared for the sad clown, he knew that. 

His performance came to an end and he went to hi…