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The Fallen Angels

It was a stormy and catastrophic day as God decided to eliminate human beings and Earth. A tender Angel couldn't stand the sufferings of mankind so She decided to help them and disobey God! So, She left Heaven to fall on Earth where She started to save the poor creatures called human beings. She faced the ultimate powers of wind, storm, fire, water, and every outstanding power that threatened the existence of mankind. People didn't see her though they could feel her existence. She bravely faced all the dangers without any hesitation; till mankind was saved.

Hence, god decided to punish that Angel by sending an army of Angels to destroy the kind Angel and deprive her of her powers. The poor thing couldn't fight alone 100000 Angels but She did her best and she barely survived. Yet, the Angels managed to deprive the Angel of her powers; hence, she lived among human beings as a human. She suffered a lot because of losing her powers.

Days passed while the Angel was trying to adopt her new life as a human. One day, she met a human being who she fell in love with. As Angel, she couldn't fall in love; but now as a human, she can love. She experienced love for the first time in her life and She believed in the powers of love until one day when she found out that her beloved was cheating on her! She couldn't believe it! Her extreme anger created a new power inside her; it was a dark power which is called by human beings 'revenge'. Hence, She murdered her beloved and the other woman! She couldn't stop so She eliminated everything on her way!

Later, She couldn't believe what She did; how could She do what She was punished for not doing!? She isolated herself in a mountain where She kept praying to God asking for forgiveness as She realized the reality of mankind. Yet, her prayers were not answered!

She lived alone for a long time waiting for her end, death, as any human being. On Heaven, there was an extremely powerful Angel who was watching the miserable Angel; an Angel who shouldn't fall in love but what happened to her made him sympathize with her and gradually fell in love with her. He decided to talk to her. So, he went to her and promised to bring her to Heaven. The Angel returned back to Heaven to bring her back and save the life of the dying Angel. Yet, God strongly refused and again asked an army of Angels to destroy that Angel for his disobedience. However, due to the ultimate powers of this Angel, he was the one who conquered all the Angels and no powers could destroy him.

He returned to Earth to share his powers with his beloved Angel so that they can have their own Heaven on Earth but it was too late. The Angel already passed away and left a letter saying that she was mistaken when she believed in human beings but she believed in God and His forgiveness, so until the last moment she was praying. The Angel felt broken and wept for his beloved Angel. He never forgot about her and he promised to revenge. His name now is Satan the one who fights both God and human beings!

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I don't hear it, but I know it is talking to me, telling me about my falls and stands, dreams and nightmares, hopes and reality, and about people in my life and those who passed away. I am trying to ignore it; but deep down inside me, I know there is a part of me listing to it. Yet, sadness is an overwhelming burden that I am unwilling to take. It comes and brings all the unspoken words, the tears hidden by a fake smile, the pain in a seemingly happy heart, and the memories of the beloved ones who left us, whether on by or against their wills.
Hell, silence! What do you want me to do? It's over, it's okay for me like that... I don't want your noises to disturb my peace... or what seems to be like peace. I just realized that weeping is not the best way to overcome life. I have to stand, to fall, then STAND, then fall harder and harder, and then to STAND AGAIN! No matter what, I have to continue my journey, whether I like it or not, whether it is happy or not, and whether…


She was afraid to tell him the secret that she kept hidden for a long time. She was afraid that he may not understand her. She was afraid that she will lose him. Yet, his love was so secure that she never felt afraid when she was with him. He always supported her and cared for her. She believed him and trusted him. Yet, it took her time to reveal her secret.

She tried her best to be courageous enough to reveal her secret. It needed time and courage. The day she revealed her secret, he assured her it is ok. He still loved her and will always be with her.

Next day, he ignored her. She asked about him but he replied he wants to stay alone. She was shocked then she realized she was a fool again. She locked herself in her room, praying to God that she never trust anyone again! It is always trust that brings us pain!


I feel lost and I cannot determine my way anymore. First time for me to fight but I am unable to win. You have no idea what is going on and you keep fighting and trying but at the end, you find it useless to fight! 

You fall and fall into the endless black hole where everything is dark and you cannot see anything. You scream for help but there is nothing...even an echo is too much to ask. You are alone in the darkness with your enemy.

This fight might be my last because my enemy is stronger...I know my weaknesses and so does my enemy. So, she keeps hurting me endlessly and she gains strength while I fall! Nowhere to hide, it is just me and her! 

She keeps saying there is no hope and I have to leave. I do not want to let her in control because I know how evil she is. But, the more I get hurt from her and people around, the weaker I get and the stronger she gets. 

Is it ok to give up and let her punishes everyone who hurts me?! Is it ok to forget about the light and stay in darkness? Is it …