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Dying Soul of a Pianist

An old philosopher was on his way to a piano concert that he used to attend since last year. He remembered vividly how the young man was a clever pianist. There were harmony and passion driving the pianist, the philosopher smiled as he remembered. It seemed to him that the pianist and the piano were completing each other; the soft tones and the harmonious feelings were shared by all the audience and they all felt the same. It was a music that united all the people. It made him, the philosopher, forgets about the wars, hunger, hatred and terror that surrounds the world. All that he could recall at that time was peace, love, and harmony. 

The concert started, as soon as the young pianist appeared on the stage, the philosopher knew that this concert will not be like the one before. The eyes of the young pianist lacked the passion that existed the last time, the ancient black piano was replaced by white modern one and the pianist's way of was walking also changed! The philosopher felt as if he was listening to a piece of music played on the radio. The absent pianist continued playing his music on the modern piano. The concert lasted for two hours, the music was played skilfully but without any passion! The philosopher left the concert. 

On his way to his room, after the concert, the pianist found an old man waiting for him. So, they exchanged formal greetings and then, the philosopher started talking. "I attended your concert last year and I really enjoyed it. It was magnificent! " The pianist replied "Yes, it was. What about the concert tonight? I noticed that you left in the middle of it." The philosopher smiled while saying "Thanks for making a long story short! I bet that during the last year concert, you wouldn't have noticed even if all the audience were leaving. You were so united with your music and piano; there were harmony and passion but tonight you were just a skillful pianist!" He was about to leave when the young pianist called him.

The latter said "Yes, you are right. It is hard to play the same music when you have a dying soul!" The philosopher replied "Search for the passion and harmony in your old piano. Find your lost soul. You will be one of the greatest pianists ever."

For ten years later, the philosopher kept attending the concerts of the young pianist who was playing his music in harmony and passion using his old piano!


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