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When U Fall in Love with an Idiot!

On a rainy day, a very lovely and smart girl was standing nearby the bus station where she met a boy who attracted her attention, she didn't know why but she really admired him. Well, as he was dumb (she didn't know so,) she was the one who started chatting with him. They had many things in common so they kept meeting nearby the bus station. The poor girl wanted to go with the dump guy on a date but she was too shy to ask him out. So, she started to bring gifts to him so that he may notice her admiration. But, days passed before she realized that she wasted her money on gifts! Well, he was kind enough to bring her a rose each time she brings him a gift! The girl felt disappointed and decided to drop the whole matter.

Years passed since that and one day the girl was walking nearby the station where she accidentally met the guy who rushed to her. He told her that he was worried about her and that he cared a lot but he never knew how to contact her. The girl said it is ok. The boy smiled and asked her for dating her; she stared at his face in a shock but soon she got control over herself when her husband showed up! She introduced them and asked her husband to bring her necklace which she forgot at home. When her husband returned back, he found her standing alone so he wondered about the guy she replied that he left. So, they walked away but the husband didn't notice the dead body under the bus!!

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A little girl was walking with her mummy when it suddenly rained. The mother looked around for a shelter while the girl ran happily and tried to hug the raindrops. The mother ordered the little girl to come under the shelter but the little girl disobeyed the order and she kept playing under the rain till her clothes were completely wet. 

Next day, the girl was sick in her bed and her mother was blaming her for disobedience. The little girl said to her mother: “Ok if rain causes cold and we are not supposed to enjoy it; then why did God create it in the first place?” The mother could not answer.

So, the little girl said: “ I’ll tell why, mummy, because God gives us choices, to enjoy raindrops and catch a cold or to find a shelter to avoid raindrops. My choice was to enjoy the rain, unlike you, and now I bear the results of my choice which I don’t regret. The problem mummy is that people forbidden the choices allowed by God. So, you may say that I disobeyed you but I did not disobey God. …

The Butterfly and the Candle's Light

Once there was a beautiful butterfly which was attracted to everything that seems to be sweet for her. So, in a starry but a cold night, the butterfly was flying when she saw a window of a very dark room except for the warm light of a very stunning candle.
Thus, she thought that she'll find warmth in such cold night; the pretty butterfly rushed to the candle's light, although the weather started to be windy, but she fought hard to reach the candle's light. The butterfly was over the moon when she could do it. The weather started to get colder and it rained heavily; so the butterfly started to shake although it wasn't her first time to face such a malicious weather. At the same time, it was her first time to see and feel the warmth of a candle's light.
So, the beautiful butterfly rushed to the warmth of the light of the candle innocently to experience for the first time the candle's warmth. The weather got colder so the butterfly became closer to the candle'…


She was afraid to tell him the secret that she kept hidden for a long time. She was afraid that he may not understand her. She was afraid that she will lose him. Yet, his love was so secure that she never felt afraid when she was with him. He always supported her and cared for her. She believed him and trusted him. Yet, it took her time to reveal her secret.

She tried her best to be courageous enough to reveal her secret. It needed time and courage. The day she revealed her secret, he assured her it is ok. He still loved her and will always be with her.

Next day, he ignored her. She asked about him but he replied he wants to stay alone. She was shocked then she realized she was a fool again. She locked herself in her room, praying to God that she never trust anyone again! It is always trust that brings us pain!