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Heart and Mind (A conversation about love)

A conversation between Heart and Mind:

Heart (the voice of heart was trying to sound strong as it knows that it disobeyed the mind): Is it ok to feel pain again? 

Mind (in a confident tone): Yes, when you are stupid to spontaneously! You did again!

Heart (trying to be strong): I just wanted to feel love! It's my job, Mind!

Mind (in arrogant tone): And it is my job to stop you, Heart! Stop you from hurting yourself and causing me a headache! Oh, God! Do you know how much pain killers I need to stop such a headache, you fool!

Heart (in a weak voice): I am sorry. I am sorry but I wanted to be happy, Mind! Just to be happy. Isn't my right to be happy? I see couples everyday and I feel lonely, too lonely! I have a lot of feelings to give but there is nobody, you know!

Mind (in a tolerant tone): I understand! But, she (referring to the owner of the h eart and mind) needs the right person! You are leading her to hell again! You know she will be misreable and we cannot do anything for her!

Heart (in an excited tone): Oh! I have an idea...

Mind (interrupted the heart in a firm voice): Please, for God's sake! You have no idea! You just have foolish feelings! Enough please!

Heart (still excited): Believe, this one is very smart...

Mind (interrupting the heart again): Oh, please understand for once! You have to think before you feel.

Heart (contemplating the words of the mind): Think! But feelings are not to be controlled! They should spontanous, innocent, honest, and mindless!

Mind (cursing heart in a low voice): Damn you! (Then talking in a firm voice): Thank you for bringing this word! "Mindless"!  It is not a smart choice! Love and feelings should be a compination of feelings and thinking, innocence and wisdom, and spontanous and thoughtful! It's briefly a compination of you and I!

Heart (silent)

The girl (owner of the heart and mind) knew that the words of Mind are wise as usual and they make sense! Yet, she also knew that when the heart is controlling, the mind has nothing to do but to follow. Afterall, love is blind! And, human beings are usually torn between their minds and hearts!

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