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It seems like dreamy memories though they were true a long time ago but they are fading away like smoke. Memories are there in our hearts, deep-rooted, and they hurt when you remember them in hard times. There is always a nostalgia for the past; free life with fewer responsibilities, with less sadness, with fewer duties, with fewer realizations, and with fewer deaths!

We remember the minimum details of these memories and they shockingly remain vivid as if they occurred yesterday. Maybe a memory of a friend, family member, ice cream, toy, place, etc.  First, they bring a smile on your face. Then, we compare the present and the past to find our tears are shed! Is it because we miss these days? Is it because our present is tough? Is it because we are adults now? Many reasons but no specific answer!

We rarely care about the answer, I think. We just keep these precious memories inside our hearts but we do not realize that today is going to be a memory as well. So, we 've to enjoy as well; making it the best memory as much as we can.

Don't forget the past is a memory and the present will be too! So, enjoy life as much as you can!  

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I don't hear it, but I know it is talking to me, telling me about my falls and stands, dreams and nightmares, hopes and reality, and about people in my life and those who passed away. I am trying to ignore it; but deep down inside me, I know there is a part of me listing to it. Yet, sadness is an overwhelming burden that I am unwilling to take. It comes and brings all the unspoken words, the tears hidden by a fake smile, the pain in a seemingly happy heart, and the memories of the beloved ones who left us, whether on by or against their wills.
Hell, silence! What do you want me to do? It's over, it's okay for me like that... I don't want your noises to disturb my peace... or what seems to be like peace. I just realized that weeping is not the best way to overcome life. I have to stand, to fall, then STAND, then fall harder and harder, and then to STAND AGAIN! No matter what, I have to continue my journey, whether I like it or not, whether it is happy or not, and whether…


She was afraid to tell him the secret that she kept hidden for a long time. She was afraid that he may not understand her. She was afraid that she will lose him. Yet, his love was so secure that she never felt afraid when she was with him. He always supported her and cared for her. She believed him and trusted him. Yet, it took her time to reveal her secret.

She tried her best to be courageous enough to reveal her secret. It needed time and courage. The day she revealed her secret, he assured her it is ok. He still loved her and will always be with her.

Next day, he ignored her. She asked about him but he replied he wants to stay alone. She was shocked then she realized she was a fool again. She locked herself in her room, praying to God that she never trust anyone again! It is always trust that brings us pain!


What is time? Is it a memory from the past that lasts forever? Is it the present when we are facing the unknown? Is it the future consequence of the past and the present? I wonder and all that I know about time is that it makes us remember, learn, and die!!!